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The basics of backpacking in Nepal CHECK HOW TO PACK YOUR BACKPACK FOR A TREK


Take out travel insurance before travelling to Nepal. You can never know whether your luggage will be lost, stolen or damaged during your flight or whether you will get ill or have an accident during your journey. Thus, for your own safety, we strongly advise you to take out travel insurance. If you plan any outdoor activities during your holiday in Nepal, like trekking, climbing etc., it is most recommended to have special travel insurance which can help cover all medical expenses occurring in relation to high altitude mountain sickness or accidents and emergency evacuation costs. For trekking at heights above 3000 metres, in case of health problems or accident, it is necessary to have special tourist insurance.  Such insurance will indemnify you against the potential risk of losses or damage and unexpected costs.

If necessary, we will help you to contact the insurance agents whose services we use.