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How to move around Nepal

How to travel in Nepal

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How do we organize it?

Nepal Excursion Treks arrange transport for sightseeing in Kathmandu or for longer journeys, depending on the travellers' needs. Our transport is comfortable and, depending on the group size, you can hire a car for a whole day or a bigger means of transport if necessary. The car is generally suitable for three adults. For more than three up to six adults we have comfortable Scorpio Jeep. For more than six up to twelve adults we have Toyota Hiace. For more than twelve adults we have different sizes of buses. All the transport we arrange is in good condition and with air conditioning.


Local buses, tourist buses, private transport

A few tourist buses depart on a daily basis from major cities such as Pokhara and Chitwan. If you are a budget traveller we can arrange for your bus tickets too. Bus drives in Nepal are quite demanding as the road mostly passes through hill sides and it has many stops which can be a bit tiring and more time consuming for travellers. A bus drive is recommended for travellers who stay longer and want to be within budget.