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Which hotel to choose in Kathmandu?

Nepal has a wide range of accommodation available for travelers starting from budget to luxury (five stars) hotels. During the peak season it is hard to find nice accommodation so, in order to save your time and not waste it on finding the right hotel, Nepal Excursion Treks assist you for booking hotel in Nepal matching your needs, requirements, and budget. Most hotels serve breakfast and they have free Wi-Fi service for their guests but some budget hotels do not have such facilities. Even if the hotel does not offer breakfast service, you can just go to the nearest restaurant or bakery and have delicious pastries and local specialties for breakfast.



Three-, four- or five-star hotel?

Hotels in Nepal

Few of the hotels in Nepal are very exclusive with the nice garden and peaceful environment. You can find the delicious meals in the hotels, spa, swimming pool, sauna etc. Especially these kinds of hotels are needed to book as early as possible to secure your place. We cooperate with most of the Nepal hotels. Once you let us know your requirement we make the bookings for your stay. One of the most important thing that influence your holiday is the place where you are going to stay and in case of a bad choice, you might not feel so good about it so just to be sure that you are given the nice accommodation,let us know and we are more than happy to find the hotels for you comfort staying in Nepal. All these hotels and resorts in Kathmandu has free luggage storage service and while you are traveling to different part of Nepal or in an outdoor trekking and tours trip you can just store the things what you do not need by that time of traveling.

Lodges in Himalayas

Lodges and tea-houses

Among the most travelers who visit Nepal are for trekking and outdoor tours. Accommodations in Himalaya are basic and they are not as luxury as in city but it is enough and most of the lodges in Himalaya, called tea houses have a really nice view of mountains from the window. These tea houses are widely available in most of the trekking route of Nepal however in some rural area trek there are still not these tea houses and you have to take the tent for accommodation and meals too. For more information regarding hotel booking in Nepal just feel free to contact us

Window View

Mountains outside the window

The views outside the window will satisfy everyone