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When to go to the Himalayas

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When to go to the Himalayas...
Well, this is a tough question, as I believe you can go there all year round, just pick different parts of Nepal in specific months.
However, if you’re aiming for the most popular treks – Annapurna Base Camp or Everest Base Camp, the best months will be March, April, May and the autumn months from October to December.

In the spring, it will be warm, pleasant and, most of all, colourful. This is the time when the areas above 2,500–3,500 m are literally covered with a carpet of blossoming rhododendrons. Although, spring also means more clouds and unclear skies.

As you get closer to the monsoon period, the temperature becomes unbearable, air clarity decreases and the mountains wrap themselves in a blanket of clouds. In this season, the part of the Himalayas you want to see is Mustang. Here, you will still be safe and somewhat shielded from the monsoon.

The best time to visit is the period after the monsoon. Autumn means better weather, i.e. you have the highest chance of azure skies and air so clear, you’d think the mountains are within your grasp. Autumn practically guarantees stable and cloud-free weather. It’s not 100% of course, as is always the case with the mountains J In the autumn, you may want to try for the trails higher in the mountains, crossing passes or visiting the base camps under the eight-thousanders. This is also the perfect time to shoot some mountain photos!

If you want to trek at lower altitudes, around 3,000 m above sea level, you’d want to go a little later – in November or December, as it may still be very hot in the early autumn.

It’s not recommended to climb too high in the winter. You may be surprised by snow, the days are getting shorter and the mountain passes are often swept by strong winds.

The conclusion is: if you’re planning a trip to Nepal, think about the time of the year and match it to the place you want to visit. We wish you only sunny treks with clear air and the best company in the world!

Take care of yourselves!


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