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Should you vaccinate yourself before going to Nepal?


Should you vaccinate yourself before going to Nepal?
There are as many opinions as there are people

The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has these guidelines for traveling to Nepal on their website: http://www.msz.gov.pl/pl/informacje_konsularne/profile_krajow/nepal.

“HIV carriers are prohibited from entering the territory of Nepal. There is no obligation to vaccinate, however, early vaccination against hepatitis A, B and tetanus are recommended. For detailed and up-to-date information on vaccinations – contact the Provincial unit of the State Sanitary Inspection (...) In order to avoid potential health problems, only consume drinks from sealed containers and avoid low-quality catering establishments.”
The website http://www.szczepieniadlapodrozujacych.pl/nepal-szczepienia.html provides more information on the required and recommended vaccinations for anyone traveling to Nepal.

The table of recommended vaccinations can also be found below.
 Due to the current debate between vaccination advocates and opponents, we leave any decisions regarding vaccines to you – use your experience and the advice of your physician.

However, always remember to abide by the following principles:

  1. only use pre-boiled water for drinking, washing fruit, brushing your teeth, washing up, etc. when in countries with low standards of hygiene
  2. do not consume raw vegetable or fruit salads, unpasteurized milk, undercooked meat or fish
  3. be strict about your hand hygiene
  4. protect skin against insect bites – use repellents purchased at your travel destination
  5. avoid unknown bodies of water
  6. protect yourself against overheating and UV radiation
  7. sleep in air-conditioned rooms or under mosquito nets sprayed with repellents
  8. avoid unsafe sexual encounters
  9. avoid quick changes of time zones and altitudes


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