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How to organize a cheap trip to Nepal?

Cheap Himalaya

One of the way to travel in the Himalayas on the budget is to go to Nepal without using the services of a guide and a porter. However, in order to ensure a minimum level of security against potential risks, we recommend using at least one of them. Hiring a guide and a porter will make your Nepal trekking carefree and simply safer.

During the peak season, the guest houses are full and it is hard to find a room. If you travel with a guide, they will book the accommodation for the next day in advance. By carrying your big rucksack, the porter will provide relief for your back, so you can enjoy trekking with just the day backpack and relax during your vacation. 
In case of altitude sickness problems, the presence of a guide and a porter always provide some support and let us know that even in trouble – we can feel safe.  In such situations, the guide will inform the tour operator – and they will ensure evacuation if necessary. The porter will take care of all your belongings and you will be able to complete your adventure in safe conditions.

Also, bear in mind that using a guide and a porter during the trek gives the local community an opportunity to work, earn an income and improve the comfort of their daily lives. The choice is yours.

One more way to save money is the decision regarding water. The price of mineral water on the Himalayan trails is higher than in the city. Prices start from $0.5 per one-liter bottle, and the higher we go, the higher the price due to the costs of transport, etc. The maximum price per one-liter bottle of mineral water can reach 3.5 dollars on the altitude of 4800 m above sea level, so if you take water purifiers with you, you can save on the cost of mineral water.

Another thing to remember is the power bank – it will allow you to charge your mobile phone and camera. A few sweet bars bought in the city (rather than on the trail) will also help you save a little.

You can take a shower in each of the places on the trail and pay 3-10 dollars depending on the location – you can save by taking wet wipes with you.

You can also save money on transport, but here the risks are significant. Although the situation in Nepal is changing for the better, using local transport modes still poses a high risk, so the lowest standard for you should be to use tourist transportation (tourist buses).

And finally... You decide whether you have enough time to take care of everything yourself or whether you want to go on a holiday full of wonderful experiences and with the certainty that everything will be organized properly.  A trip to Nepal carries some risk, so we recommend using our services as an experienced operator. And for us, the greatest ambition is that you come back home relaxed, smiling, satisfied and willing to recommend our services to others. This is our goal, we are devoted to the satisfaction of our customers and ourselves

Join us in getting to know Nepal during carefree vacations!

Join us in getting to know Nepal during carefree vacations!
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