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Safety in Nepal



Nepal is very safe to travel now. One of the main source of income is tourism in Nepal and every year about 0.5 million people from all over the world travel Nepal for the adventure trekking in different Himalayan region of Nepal and tours.

As the culture of this country guest are like god so most of the people have really warm welcome and respect for all the travelers however during late night in the major cities like in Kathmandu and Pokhara there is still possibility of meeting some drunk and people after stuff so if you are just a bit aware and Nepal is now very safe country for travelling.

The another important thing is that while you are walking in the street some strangers can come and ask you if you need any help or so on and in this case just ignore their help and say thank you and don’t need any help because later on strangers try how to take money from you so it is always better to talk and deal with officials than to strangers to avoid possibility of bad incidents.

If you are taking a trip through travel agents it is always very easy and carefree trip and yout tour organizer is all the time there to help you. Welcome to Nepal and its really a beautiful country in the world! Nepal is very popular for adventure activities like trekking in Himalaya, peak climbing, expeditions, sightseeing tour, wildlife safari tour, bungee jumping , paragliding, rafting, mountain flight and so on.

Definitely you will be enjoying your trip in Nepal and will be having one of the memorable holiday because of this diverse culture country has really a lot to experience for travelers!

Publication2018-12-06 11:42:57