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As the outbreak of Corona Virus has spread all over the world, Nepal has also been part of it. The first case of Corona Virus appeared in Nepal on Feb 13, 2020 on a 32 years old Nepalese man who was returned from China. Till the beginning of March Nepal didn’t have any serious problems of spreading of Corona Virus (Covid 19) however the situation in India was really getting worse and many Nepalese who were working there are in rush to back to Nepal. As Nepal was looking like it was still safe by that time.

As the opened boarders many Nepalese and Indians are trying to get to Nepal to escape from Corona Virus in India. Nepal slowly started to have the growing cases of Corona Virus and decided to close the boarder and International flight from 24th March 2020 till 21st July 2020. During this lock down time thousands of Nepalese stranded in abroad were rescued.


What about corona virus in Nepal today?

Now the Corona Virus is already transmitted in community and the cases are significantly increasing. As the result of increased case of Corona Virus, Nepal government again decided to go for shutdown from 9th of August for two weeks while as the suspension on domestic and international flight shifted till 31st of August 2020.


Effects of Corona Virus (COVID 19) in Nepal

About 62 percent of private business firms remains closed during the lock down time in Nepal. Many people had to lose the job, as nobody knows when the Corona Virus pandemic will ends. The tourism industry in Nepal and its workers has been highly effected due to travel banned. Those people who were in Kathmandu especially for work had to return to home by foot few hundred kilometers once the government decided to lock down the country. Millions of students in Nepal are waiting to go to schools and universities for their study. These educational institutions remained closed in Nepal by the second week of March 2020. Many students were hopeful that they can back to study as soon as the government ease the lock down but the community transmission cases made the students disappointed again and state declared the shutdown for two weeks.


Find the details data about Corona Virus in Nepal on the page worldmeters.


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