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Burqa in Nepal is called a sari

Episode 13

A great book by Edyta Stępczak: “In Nepal, a burqa is called a sari” was recently released in Poland. We are waiting for English translation!

I found the title of the book itself to be provocative. And it was the title that drew my attention, because it compared the beautiful and colourful sari with a burqa, which is very far from being a decorative garment. I felt that the author had to grapple with the subject personally and observe it closely.

The book has a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Burkawnepalunazywasiesari/

Edyta, thank you for such an honest document. Thank you for finding the time to pay attention to the fate of Nepalese women, to see and tell stories about their lives, their tragedies and the sadness of everyday life. Reading your book has confirmed all that I have been watching since 2013, travelling to Nepal at least 3 times a year. I spend around 3 months a year in Nepal and every visit opens my eyes more to the fate of the Nepalese women.

What about present situation of women in Nepal?

Cities liberate women somewhat from this almost religious cult of men, but you can still see how low the position of a woman is every step of the way. For me – a highly independent and emancipated person – it is difficult to observe the everyday fate of the Nepalese women. I internally disagree with how they are treated, how little they matter, how they are excluded, ignored and ridiculed in social processes.

I read your book with bated breath, and these very real stories made me feel angry. And powerless. And this is probably the worst of all the feelings that accompany us when we watch things that hopeless, already lost and impossible to mend in a short time.

Everyone who are concerned with the fate of women in other parts of the world should read this book. I wholeheartedly agree with the author! This book will give you plenty of emotions and a deep sense of injustice that women still must fight for such a fundamental right today as the right to an equal inheritance from their parents.

The Nepalese proverb “To be born a woman is a curse” says a lot about this society.

I recommend this analysis of the Nepalese society to everyone who wants to get to know this Himalayan Kingdom with all its cultural and religious differences.


The book can be purchased, for example, here:


or at Empik.com



Publication2019-04-12 11:54:01